Crescent Moon Cafe and Pottery Studio

Tucked in the side streets of Antipolo City is a quaint little establishment called the Crescent Moon Café and Pottery Studio.  It is a dining place, ceramic shop, workshop venue and pottery studio rolled into one.  While finding it is quite tricky even for locals of the city, the experience of going there is worth every U-turn.

The entrance gate welcomes guests with a simple signage that immediately gives a feeling of hominess and warmth.  The parking options are grass clearings under trees so guests’ vehicles are oftentimes decorated with leaves and flowers after a trip there.

The pottery studio is located to the left by the gate.  This is where the potters and artists do their magic!  The creation of ceramics from clay happens here.  This involves the molding, drying, glazing, baking, setting and cleaning.  Their works could be seen in restaurants, resorts, hotels and spas here and abroad.

Lush greens with beautiful blooms envelop the Crescent Moon Café and Pottery Studio.  There are fruit bearing trees around as well.  Fresh breeze blows every now and then, making the sun’s heat tolerable especially during noontime.  These elements give guests a sense of calmness and relaxation strengthening the homey feel of the place.

There are three interesting ponds inside the compound which house different types of creatures – amphibians, reptiles and fish.  The frogs, tadpoles and koi fries could be found in the sizable round pond near the casitas.  Beautiful adult koi occupy the pear-shaped pond just in front of the café.  Guests could feed the koi upon request.  It is lovely to see their markings and colors up close.  At the back of the café near the kitchen is a small pond for adult turtles.  There are around nine of them there trying to climb up on each other’s shell.

The restaurant and shop’s structure is enclosed by wire nettings instead of cement or wood so the greens could still be seen and the fresh breeze could still be felt when inside.  Bursts of color from the exquisite pottery here and there, lovely drapes of textile hanging from the ceiling, intricately embroidered tablecloths and vibrant chairs make the interior rather interesting.

The café serves lunch by reservation and is open from eleven in the morning until four in the afternoon.  While the menu is always a surprise, their appetizer, the alagaw leaves that come with a selection of fillings, and their dessert, a piece of homemade suman with a slice of mango, are constant.  Amongst the delectable dishes they prepare are the meatballs and egg noodles in milk soup, squash soup with coconut meat, crispy noodles with vegetables in coconut milk, chicken curry, grilled salmon and chicken afritada.  Their brewed coffee is likewise good.

Further inside are shelves of colorful handmade and hand-painted ceramics for sale.  There is also a long table on the opposite side showcasing the remarkable works of Ms. Lanelle Abueva-Fernando, the woman behind all these who has education and training background in the arts in the Philippines, Japan, and U.S.A.

This lovely place also serves as a venue for pottery, yoga and art classes.  Their pottery class is very much fascinating!  The instructor for this class is none other than Ms. Lanelle.  She guides her students step by step so they can create their own stoneware from clay.  The potters and artists are the ones who do the finishing touches and the students can get their artwork after a couple of weeks.

The Crescent Moon Café and Pottery Studio is one of Antipolo City’s wonderful treasures where one can experience new food and explore new interests with family and friends.  It is also a place to go to for some quiet time alone with a good book and a cup of coffee.

Jhoanna Sevilla loves the homemade and the handmade, the rustic and the abstract, and anything purple and black.  She spends her time traveling to fairyland or to space with her three children and bringing them back to the reality of having to wash their hands and finish their lunch.
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