Life at La Luz Beach Resort

“Mom!!! They forgot to put TV and ref!”  These are the first words of our seven-year-old daughter upon entering our home for one night at the La Luz Beach Resort in San Juan, Batangas.  Inside my mind, I was like “Oh no!  How we could survive the weekend without TV?”

After merely thirty minutes, our perspectives changed.  The beach is there in plain view upon opening our door (and curtains!) and not cars.  There are no cars in sight since they are parked two levels up by the reception area.  There are no honking trucks, speeding cars and ambulance sirens (we live near a hospital) to be heard.  In fact, all we could hear was a rooster clucking repeatedly. The air smelled not of smoke from mufflers but of salty sea breeze.  Maybe, we will be fine for a night.

For our children who spend most of their days within the confines of our home in the city and are used to visiting hotels with all the “modern technology,” staying in La Luz Beach Resort is really something new.  My daughter even told me that it’s like living in the olden times – no TV, no shower heater, no refrigerator, no telephone (for room service) and no elevator.  Nonetheless, we enjoyed our first night and decided to stay for another one in this charming resort.

Our room has two double-sized beds plus a pullout of the same size.  They are made out of bamboo and so were the other furnishings including a beautiful night lamp with a capiz shade that is situated on the wall between the beds.  There is a wooden sliding panel with capiz details that separates the room to the wash area.

The toilet and shower, which are assembled as separate rooms enclosed with individual doors, are very spacious.  The lavatory stands in the middle of these two cubicles inside the wash area.  This is very convenient especially for a big family with small children like ours.  We also have a porch with a bench and adorable clothesline for wet swimwear and clothing.

The whole resort feels comfortable with lots of cozy nooks to relax on.  There are casitas with futons, nipa huts with benches and dining sets, bamboo seating sets, beach chairs, bamboo benches and hammocks all over the beachfront.  Our seven and three-year-old children had a blast trying out all the seats.

For some reason, they found it amusing to dash from one chair to another.  I didn’t understand their game but was very happy to see them having fun.  Their favorite seat was the teardrop-shaped woven seating which seems to be a modern take on the swing.  It is suspended on a metal frame and made comfortable to lounge on by an upholstered cushion.

The beach is a different story altogether.  It is the highlight of the trip for our family – well, for my husband and children at least.  I have yet to develop a good relationship with the sun, the waves and the sand, which they are obviously fond of.  The sand was rather crude than fine with bits of interesting corals and pretty tiny shells.

My husband and our two older children had the most amazing time hanging out with fish in the water.  Yes, fish of different types, colors and sizes are barely a few steps away from the beach.  And they did just that several times during our stay there.  No need to go on a boat ride to find a perfect spot to snorkel!  Life vests, snorkel masks and goggles were even readily available for rent.

Overall, the experience our family had at La Luz Beach Resort is worth more than what we paid for.  The overnight accommodation rate of Php 4,800 is actually half of what we spent at another establishment on our previous visit in the same area.  The accommodation, ambiance and service are notable.  However, while breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets are included in the package we got, the food and beverage options for a la carte order for snacks or whatnot are rather limited so it was good that we brought with us a separate luggage full of packed food and drinks.

We are grateful to my husband’s co-workers for introducing us to this lovely resort.

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