How Good is Siem Reap for Couples?

I have fond memories of my travel in Cambodia, particularly my travel in Siem Reap. Travelling to Siem Reap for couples like us was a welcome escape. Even though my travel happened a few years back, there will always be some things that will never change. I remembered having filed a leave of absence for that trip because my wife had decided that we needed to have a break from our busy schedules. My wife had put a very well-planned itinerary coupled by different activities that we can do while we were vacationing there.

We were both very excited about our trip to Siem Reap because we wanted to go to Angkor Wat.  We were both excited to see “the world’s largest religious monument”. When we first got to our hotel, we immediately inquired about how to get to the temple. We did not want to book a tour or even hire a tour guide because we wanted to enjoy on our own. We also wanted to avoid having to keep up with the pace of having to join a tour. Luckily, the hotel employees were very helpful and they just advised us to get our Angkor Pass to the temples. They also suggested to hire their tuktuk because the temples are very far from each other.

I remembered going to get our Angkor Pass the following day. We opted for the one-week Angkor Pass so that we can enjoy going back to the temples and I tell you, the one-week Angkor Pass was worth it. We rode our tuktuk and enjoyed the scenery in the dusty yet peaceful environment going to the temples. We were able to explore the temples and we were able to take pictures until our cameras died. We were also able to walk and hike until our feet were too tired.  I guess going to  Angkor Wat and other temples like the Bayon and Ta Phrom are the ultimate activity in Siem Reap for couples  . But of course that’s not the only activity that we did because my wife had other activities planned.

My wife initially planned to have a spa day for us because she heard from somewhere that massages were great, but because we only had a week in Cambodia, we were only able to squeeze in activities after our temple activities. Instead of a spa day, we just had massages done in our room. Luckily, the hotel where we stayed at offered massage services. I normally do not like massages at all, but I tell you the massages were superb for my tired aching limbs.

We were also able to peruse the night streets of Siem Reap. We were able to try Cambodian delicacies while having a beer or two. It was a good way for couples to bond. We talked about our trip and other things that we normally do not have the chance to talk about. After that, I tried eating some exotic street food (scorpion) while my wife did her hobby – shopping.

Travelling to Siem Reap for couples like us have proven to be an exciting, relaxing, and enjoyable experience. Because my wife and I had enjoyed it so much, we even have talked about going back there. We will definitely be doing all the activities we did the first time we went there. We will also be adding some other activities that we haven’t done before.

-Travelled March of 2014

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