Art is for Everyone at Pinto Art Museum

Ask me who my favorite artist is and I’ll tell you that it’s my seven-year-old daughter.  Ask me what my favorite medium is and I’ll tell you that it’s a pencil.  No, I am not an art expert and I am definitely not an artist.  But I do love beautiful things and the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo City.

It was a privilege to be there during its opening in December of 2010.  The event was graced with the presence of Former First Lady Imelda Marcos so it must be something really special.  Our whole clan went there dressed in what we would normally wear on a Sunday lunch at my Lola’s place and chatted and laughed like we were at our Tita’s garage.  

Getting there is quite easy as long as you keep your eyes open for the entrance of Grand Heights Subdivision which is just a few meters away from Ynares Center.  The sloped roads inside the village signal what to expect inside this breathtaking museum – which is actually a work of art itself.

Fast forward to several years ahead, I decided to celebrate my birthday in my preferred spots in Antipolo City which include the Pinto Art Museum.  When we entered the museum now with two kids in tow, it seemed as though we entered a toy store.  Their eyes lit up with all the interesting details here and there, the splash of colors everywhere and the open space.  It is neither your usual high-ceiling with long hallways, brown-toned museum nor the white-painted sectioned art gallery.  It is a remarkable landscape at a slope of a mountain casted with amazing local talents.

We toured around the museum in no particular order.  But I do remember that they handed us a couple of maps when we got in.  This could be very useful if you want to maximize your visit.  There is an abundance of greens in the area with a pop of color from beautiful flowers and mixed media sculptures at particular areas.  
Found at the Pinto Art Museum garden
I especially love the feeling of being embraced by nature as we go around.  The rustic arches, the washed-white galleries and the rugged pathways and steps appeal to me.  It is soothing to a certain degree.  The atmosphere does not alienate.  It does not give off the vibe that you have to compare this from that or randomly mention Rembrandt or da Vinci in a conversation.  You just have to walk around and enjoy what you see.  And you will certainly see things that are very much enjoyable.

Having experienced painting on a canvass which is so minute compared to the ones displayed in Pinto Art Museum, I could only imagine the labor and passion behind the magnificent paintings in display.  Some also incorporate the use of other media in the artworks which make them all the more engaging for me.  I love the sculptures too and so do my children.  My particular favorites in the museum are the sea turtle adorned with what looks to me like semi-precious stones and the cow in tile mosaic.

Visiting Pinto Art Museum made me and my family’s weekend extra special and my birthday simply magical.  The travel time may be double than going to the malls if you’ll be coming from the Metro but surely worth every minute.  The experience is enriching and at the same time soothing to the soul. 

Pinto Art Museum is open from Tuesdays through Sundays at 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.  Regular ticket is at Php 180.00.  For senior citizens and PWD with valid IDs, tickets are at Php 150.00 and for children and students with school IDs, tickets are at Php 100.00.  You may visit their Facebook page or contact them at 6971015 for more information.

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