Build Your Travel Fund in 3 Ways

“How do you fund your travels?” Like most travel bloggers, I get asked this a lot. It seems more and more employed people would like to travel but they don’t know where or how to get their travel fund.

First, let me tell you, traveling with almost no funds is possible. Traveler Tomislav Perko has done it and talks about it in this video.

But if you don’t want to hitch-hike your way around the world, or are afraid of couch surfing, then you definitely need a travel fund. Because, how can you sleep in a hotel or take a cab without money?

Building a travel fund may seem difficult, even impossible to some, especially those who earn minimum wages but as long as you have a steady source of income and some determination, it can be done.

Below, I’ll be sharing the 3 ways I fund my travels and how you can do it, too.

Saving – This is the most conventional and probably the most boring way I fund my travel adventures. It is also the safest and surest way. People close to me know that I am super thrifty. Those who don’t know me, however, refuse to believe it. Especially when they see my travel photos. But, that’s exactly how I can afford to travel! I spend less on other things so I can save money to spend on trips.

How to do it: Set aside a potion of your income every month and put it in your travel fund. Also, pay less for something whenever you can.

Did you go “huh??”? I mean, if there are cheaper or even free options, then don’t be embarrassed to choose those. I’m proud to say that not a single chicken, pizza, or taco coupon from my credit card company went to waste as I ate all those free meals, and now I get to enjoy free coffee!

It doesn’t matter how little you save each month, if you do it consistently then your savings will accumulate over time.

Earning extra income – I am obsessed with earning extra income. And I get a thrill out of it. It makes me happy not only because earning extra income means I can travel more, but the fact that I can earn extra income while keeping a full-time job is also exciting. Things I’ve tried include: baking, planning events, working as a receptionist at an uncle’s clinic, and more recently, doing tasks online.

How to do it: Get part time work offline or online. A cafe near your house might need part-time baristas, or a relative might be looking for someone they can trust to help with their business.

If you’re reading this blog then I assume you’re at least a bit techie. You can try finding projects or part-time work online. Like selling? You can build an online store reselling clothes and other items, or selling something you made.

Ask around. There are a number of opportunities to make extra money if you just look hard enough.

Getting sponsors – Now this is my favorite source of my travel fund. The reason I was able to start traveling at a young age was because my parents paid for those trips. (Thanks, mom and dad!) And until now, they usually still pay when we travel as a family. Although sometimes my brother pays, or I do.

How to do it: You can apply for job that would let you travel for free. I know a lot of marketing people who get to travel often for business trips.

You can also start a blog and get paid to travel. The most popular travel bloggers get invited by resorts or even local governments to visit their places, all expenses paid! Some airlines give free flights to respected bloggers too.

Even if you’re not popular enough to get sponsored, you can publish advertisements in your blog and earn extra money from them.

Parents, relatives, and even friends also sometimes offer to pay for trips if you are extra nice to them. Be nice.

To build your travel fund faster, I suggest doing at least 2 and if possible, all 3 of the above. If you can find a way to save, earn extra income and get sponsors, then you’ll be building your travel fund in no time.

How do you fund your trips? Do we have the same strategies? Let me know in the comments below.

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