My Favorite Tourist Spots in Baguio

Whenever the month of April sets here in the Philippines, most Filipinos do a variety of summer activities.  There are so many creative ways wherein we can enjoy the heat of the summer. Some travelers would like to bask under the scorching heat of the sun while parading the different beaches the Philippines has to offer. But for some, including me, I want to escape from too much heat. And for that, I have a special place in mind. Yes, you got it right! Of course, it is the Summer Capital of the Philippines – Baguio City! My favorite tourist spots in Baguio City are a ton and I don’t even know where to begin.

Definitely, Baguio City is no secret to most Filipinos, but for those who are planning to go there for the first time or even repeat travelers, there might still be some hidden gems Baguio City has to offer. Burnham Park, Minesview Park, the Mansion, Wright Park, the Botanical Garden, and the Philippine Military Academy are some of the most popular tourist spots in Baguio City.

If you want to rent bicycles and boats for your family, you can visit Burnham park. If you want to see the old gold mine, view the Baguio mountains, and even do a little souvenir shopping, you can visit Minesview Park. If you want to see where the President of the Philippines resides whenever he visits Baguio City, you can visit the Mansion. Just across the Mansion is Wright Park. If you want to rent a horse and go around the surrounding area while horse-back riding, you will want to go to Wright Park. If you want to eat in picnic style, visit a small Japanese cave, see huge Igorot  statues, and see the famous sculpture of Ben Hur,  you may want to visit the Botanical Garden.  If you want to see where the cadets train in Baguio City, you may want to visit PMA. You can even request a picture to be taken with them.

But remember, these tourist spots are normally overcrowded during Summer so people who are planning to go there should arrive very early to avoid flocks of tourists visiting the place.

My favorite tourist spots in Baguio City are the BenCab Museum, and Tam-awan Village. Whenever I visit Baguio City, I like to visit these two places because I feel so inspired by the different art works, and the ambiance of creativity and culture that surrounds the place.  Beautiful and artistic are the two words that come to mind. Art enthusiasts will definitely enjoy these places.

BenCab museum houses different art collections of the famous Benedicto Cabrera and other artists. There is also a restaurant here – Cafe Sabel. One can easily order after a tiring walk.

In Tam-awan Village, one can enjoy nature and like the BenCab Museum, it also houses an art gallery. There also a lot of paintings that are for sale and for a fee, you can have your very own portrait hand-drawn by an artist there. There are also many Igorot huts in Tam-awan Village and you can even rent one of the huts to spend the night there to get the feel of the place.

Aside from that, my favorite tourist spots in Baguio City are places that are related to dining and eating. Who would want to miss Ili-Likha and Good Treats Restaurant? Ili-Likha reminds me of dining at a tree house. But not just a normal tree house, Ili-Likha reminds me a fusion of indigenous art and modern art. One would definitely enjoy eating here because of the cool ambiance. Another restaurant that Baguio travelers shouldn’t miss is the Good Treats Restaurant.  People lined up there just to be able to dine in there. There are variety of Filipino food in the Good Treats Restaurant and the servings are just right for the affordable price that it comes with.

My favorite tourist spots in Baguio City are just a few places that you and your family can visit during this Summer Season or anytime of the year. Just the relaxing weather makes me want to visit Baguio City again.

How about you? Can you share your favorite tourist spots in Baguio City?

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