Bargain Shopping in Singapore

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Bugis Night Market: a shopper’s paradise? YES. This place is a haven for those who want to shop for more affordable, yet great quality items. Although it’s like a labyrinth where shoppers could easily get lost, you wouldn’t really mind because every turn has an outlet or a vendor, which makes shopping in Singapore like an adventure. The place is slightly crowded, but really clean and well maintained. Beautifully lit at night, the night market really stands out on the streets of Bugis.

Like the “tiangge’s” (flea markets) we have here in the Philippines, several stalls are neatly lined up, with all their products just displayed for all the shoppers to see. Not only that; they also place their specials and discounts in large posters to attract as many people as they can. In each turn, you will see “3 for 10 SGD” and other posters alike to really lure in customers to buy or check out what each outlet offers.

The Bugis Night Market has a lot to offer in terms of products. This is what makes shopping in Singapore really fun – you’ll really want to shop until you drop. There are several products just scattered around the night market. And the place is really secure as well. You can even pay with a credit card, which makes it all the more convenient for shoppers who don’t want to carry any change or cash around. Don’t worry about bringing a shopping bag though as the vendors are quite generous with giving plastic bags; some even give reusable bags if you buy a lot from them. The vendors are friendly too – so long as you respect their workplace.

Along the outer areas, there are several fruit vendors selling their special mini-mangoes and their highly advertised durian. Fruit vendors there are really generous with their prices; offering to lower down the cost if a customer is willing to purchase more. Inside, there are small food stalls that offer cheap street food to shoppers who get hungry mid-shopping. There are also different stores inside including chocolates, snacks, electronics, branded and unbranded clothing, makeup, etc. However, these vendors tend to stick to their prices and are very firm. But I’m glad to say that regardless if they stick to their prices, their items are very much affordable. And when I say affordable, I actually mean affordable!

The entire place is riddled with buyers and vendors walking around to explore and scope the entire place. There is, however, a small hidden grocery. Everything there is CHEAP. The entire place is discounted with the chocolates’ half-offs to the linen sprays’ buy-one-take-one! Everything is on sale. And no, there is no catch. Everything there is just on a sale. To top it all off, there were also a lot of Filipino snacks being sold there for a cheaper price than in the Philippines!

I’m telling you: if you want to go shopping in Singapore for pasalubong (gifts) or maybe a few knick knacks for yourself, Bugis Night Market is a great place with even greater deals. Hope you enjoy your visit and shop until you drop!
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