Native Village Inn

Seeking an authentic Ifugao experience on a trip to the mountain province, we decided to try staying in a real Ifugao hut instead of a hotel.  After a bit of Googling, we found the Native Village Inn in Uhaj, Banaue.

One look at their website and we were convinced it was the place we were looking for so I sent a text message to Graham, the owner, inquiring of it’s availability. When all our queries were answered, we booked one night via Agoda and informed Graham of our time of arrival.

The inn’s accredited(?) tricycle driver was waiting for us a few feet from the bus station and he took us through a rough and dusty 30 minute ride to the inn. The road was under construction back then and there was a landslide from the rainy previous night.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the staff at their reception area/restaurant. I think we were offered welcome drinks but can’t remember for sure.

Past the restaurant was a quaint garden lined with real Ifugao huts that just made us go “Wow”.

And who could miss the seating area with the amazing view!

The best spot to have breakfast while staring at the rice terraces.
Native Village Inn View Deck

Few people were at the Native Village Inn when we arrived, making us feel like we had the whole place to ourselves. We were lucky to have several huts to choose from and were able to get the one with a view. I really think that was the best hut they had.

If only we could wake up to this every morning..

View from our hut’s window

The hut was comfortable for two people, with only a mattress, a couple of pillows and blankets. You would have to climb up a short ladder to get inside. This added to the authentic feel but was also a bit cumbersome if you tend to pee a lot.

Speaking of pee, the toilet and bath were located in the middle of the garden and shared with other guests.

Tip: The shower room has space between the roof and walls, allowing insects to enter easily. Avoid showering at night if you don’t want to shower with moths or giant cockroaches. This is me advising you based on personal experience (we Koreans HATE roaches).

Native Village Inn Hut Entrance

Food was nothing special. We found the adobo too salty and a bit pricey.

But it didn’t ruin our experience and we would recommend Native Village Inn to anyone looking for a more authentic alternative to hotels in Banaue.

When: September 2012

Paid: USD 45.04 / Php 2026

*Check their website or Agoda for current prices.

Full disclosure: Nothing to disclose. We paid for our stay and food at this inn.
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