5 Stupid Things People Wear When Traveling And Why You Shouldn't

Although I do find the latest trend of butt-cheek baring shorts a little too much, there isn't enough reason for them to make it to the list of things you must NOT wear when you're traveling (except of course if you're going to very conservative countries - but that's just common sense). While each person has his or her sense of travel style, this list is written for the sake of practicality, safety and comfort.

Here are 5 things you should not wear when traveling:

1. Controversial designs -  Avoid wearing shirts printed with strong political or religious statements regardless of which side you're on. A design that portrays a country's leader in a bad light might get you in jail and one with religious sentiments might make you a target of hate crimes from religious fanatics. It's always best to seem neutral when you're not in your own turf.

2. Floor length clothing - By this I mean clothing so long it literally sweeps the floor, whether it's a skirt, dress or pants. These types of clothing are prone to disasters like getting caught when the train doors close and being stepped on by others.. or yourself, causing you to fall flat on your face. Then there's the possibility of your clothing getting eaten by an escalator (yes, this happens to men too). They also add unnecessary weight to your luggage when clothing a few inches shorter would suffice.

3. Flashy jewelry - Sure, you want to look good and let everyone know you have money and can afford to travel but wearing jewelry attracts unwanted attention. Tourist spots are usually full of thieves just waiting for their next victim and seeing your necklace sparkle in the sun signals them that you are it. Wear simple jewelry and an inexpensive watch if you must and leave the expensive and flashy ones at home.

4. Uncomfortable shoes - Some would say that this definitely means high heels but it doesn't. Some women are perfectly fine in 5 inch heels, just like some men are absolutely comfortable in pointed shoes. I don't know what shoes work for you but be sure to bring only your most comfortable shoes for traveling and don't bring something you've never worn before. Bought those shoes just for your trip? Walk around in them and break them in first before your trip! It would suck to have to go back to your hotel in the middle of the day because your feet are killing you.

5. Tight, restrictive clothing - You might have read about the lady that collapsed in a park because of her skinny jeans. Not only do very tight clothes post health risks, they are also uncomfortable for active travel. If you like adventure and trying out different activities, then you need to wear clothing that would allow you to move freely. Even those who prefer a more laid back type of travel would benefit from clothes that stretch, specifically during times when you have to sit on the ground, walk up large steps or move a bit faster.

Style is a matter of personal taste and looking good while traveling can make you feel more confident and able to enjoy your experiences better. However, travel style should never be at the cost of safety and comfort - things that can ruin your trip when things go wrong.

Is there something you think we should not be wearing for travel? Tell us about it below!
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  1. Great list! I've learned the hard way of course, during my rookie vacationing days haha.


    1. Thanks ericavillas. We've all had our share of travel wardrobe booboos but a little blister or two makes us smarter for the next trip :)



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