The Steps To Batu Caves, Malaysia

Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves, Malaysia was one of the highlights of our trip to Kuala Lumpur. We set out just after breakfast to get there before the crowds and the harshest hours of the sun. The taxi ride from our hotel, located in KLCC, took just 10 minutes.

Upon arriving, we immediately caught a glimpse of the statue of Murugan, the Hindu god of war, victory, wisdom and love. At more than 42 meters high, how could we miss it?! As we walked toward the statue, we saw that there were a already a lot of people there. Still not crazy packed but not as empty as we had hoped. The closer we went, the more enchanted we were..

until we saw how high we needed to climb.

The steep stairs leading to the caves made us pause and think if we were prepared for it. It was getting hotter so , we stopped at a souvenir store to get some hats before climbing. Ok, here we go..

Taking the first few steps were easy enough and seemed like it would be a relaxing climb but looking up, we saw monkeys running about. That was when it really became a challenge. They seemed to be hanging out mostly on the sides of the stairs so we braved the middle row. Suddenly a monkey mom dashes in front of me with a baby monkey hanging from her belly. It was a cute site but I've always been afraid of monkeys! I think it was because of the movie Outbreak.

Monkeys everywhere!

So monkeys on the sides, monkeys crossing, monkeys everywhere! Apparently, there was no way to avoid them so we just decided to climb as fast as we could.

Reaching the top felt like an accomplishment. From there we could see the city below, and how steep the climb was. It was a good sight.

The entrance to the cave looked like it was just another cave but upon entering, what did we see? More stairs! So there was this huge cave with Hindu statues on the sides and at the end of the cave was another stairway to another cave.  The name of the place does say Batu Caves, not "cave". 
More stairs

If you get thirsty from the climb, there are small stores selling refreshments in the first cave and you can take a quick rest. We opted to just continue walking.

The inner cave had a temple inside where people actually went to pray. It wasn't just a tourist site, it was a place of worship for locals and tourists alike. We could hear chanting inside and saw people removing their shoes to get in. There was a sense of calm in the inner cave. Even the monkeys seemed well behaved.

The temple inside the caves

We took a few photos then headed back down.. and the monkey challenge began again.

Tip: Get there early in the morning to avoid the crowds. You can climb Batu Caves faster if there are only a few people so go before the crowd gets there.

Do not feed or taunt the monkeys - they bite.

Have you been to Batu Caves, Malaysia? Will you climb despite the monkeys?

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