A Fresh Start And A Bright Yellow Camera

The start of a new year is always full of promise. For most people, it is when they decide make changes in their lives..to live better.. or do better. For me, the start of a year is always exciting because it means a whole new year of adventures to look forward to. As a new year's resolution, I commit to documenting each travel adventure as best as I can through this new blog and by taking lots of photos.

Looking at photos of my travel the past couple of years, I noticed that I was rarely in them! I guess that's a given being the one taking the photos but I do like being in group shots with family and friends (more than) once in a while. For months I contemplated on what camera would be best to use for travel "groupies?" and if I should even buy one.

The only requirement was that it should be lightweight - easy to use and not wobbly when attached to a selfie stick. Blurred photos have taught me that a regular point and shoot does not work well with a monopod because it's weight makes the stick shake. Attaching my iphone is also not an option since it's more prone to snatching and more precious than a camera.

So.. should I get a GoPro? But I'm not THAT active. At 15,000 pesos ($300) a pop, the price is just too expensive for what I plan to use it for. After some google searches and comparing different brands, the winner is a tiny camera from SJCAM.

They have GoPro lookalikes but one of my reasons for purchasing the M10 is it's cube-ish, non-GoPro-like shape. It's so cute and at just a little over a hundred bucks, was just too hard to resist. I ordered from an online store and it arrived from China in less than a week. Awesome.

The photos are good - not great, but good enough and with some help from phone apps, a little filter here and there makes it social media ready.

So excited to take it out and test it on the road. I'm ready for new adventures..  watch out for them!

Have you looked at your travel photos lately? Are you in them?

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