7 Tips for Packing Light

If you are one of those people who has to be wearing a different coat or pair of shoes every single day of your trip, chances are, you have had overweight luggage at least once in your life. With the popularity of social media and the increasing number of friends and acquaintances posting photos of their latest travel, strutting around Paris in their Jimmy Choos and carrying the latest Balenciaga, it is but natural that you would want to look good in your photos too.

If you are tempted to pack an outfit for each day, or feel that you need to bring so many things for your trip to make sure you are prepared for anything, think again. Most of the time you won’t even need half of those things.

We know it’s quite a challenge to fit all you need for a trip into one suitcase so here are some tips for you:

1. Stick to one color – Choosing one main color and bringing clothes in the same or varying shades of the same color allows you to bring less without anyone noticing that you’re wearing the same outfit. My favorite pick is black. This works for both women and men. It is versatile and can be worn day or night, walking around the streets of Bangkok or dining in a chic restaurant in France. To keep from being boring, you can throw on a colorful scarf.

2. Choose quick dry clothing – Since you’re only going to be bringing a few pieces of clothing, it is best to bring those that will dry quickly when you wash them so you can be sure to have something ready to wear.

3. Limit your shoes to 2 pairs – When I weighed my shoes, each pair was about 2 pounds so bringing more than two pairs really added to the weight. Pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes you can wear for long walks and a pair of dressier shoes for places that need you to be a bit dressed up.

4. Forget the big bottles – Granting you have your favorite shampoo and conditioner, using a different brand for a few days is not likely to ruin your hair beyond reparable damage. Unless you’re traveling to a remote island where the inhabitants do not use shampoo and conditioner, bring just enough for 2 days- this will give you time to buy some locally. This goes for toothpaste too.

5. Layer – layering allows you to wear more when you need to get warmer and strip clothes off when the temperatures are high. This strategy is especially useful when moving from country to country since it eliminates the need to bring clothes for different seasons.

6. One jacket is all you need – Just one jacket is enough. If it’s cool but not freezing, you can just layer 2 tops without a jacket. If it gets too cold, wear layers under your jacket. See tip number 5.

7. Bring cash and a credit card – This, I think, is the best tip I can give you for packing light. Even if  all you bring to a month-long trip is a backpack, as long as you have cash and a credit card you will be ok. Just purchase what you need as you go.

While it's easy to get carried away with stuffing your suitcase full of items you might need, once you learn how and have tried traveling light, you will never want to bring your whole wardrobe again. 

Packing light makes traveling so much easier, especially if you’re going alone.
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Do you have other tips for packing light? Share them in the comments section below!

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  1. I am not much of a traveler but packing light still is one of my biggest problems, even just for going out somewhere. Haha! Thanks for sharing these tips. See you around, Val! :) ~Mary

    1. Hi Mary, such a challenge, isn't it?! Especially with large bags being in fashion. Try to remove one item per week.. you might realize you don't need everything in your purse after all :)



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