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Hello From Bangkok

Hey guys, it's been a while! Sorry I haven't been able to update the blog and I think the design's still a bit messy as well...


Osaka, Japan

Maybe it was the weather in November. Osaka felt sleepy during the day but so alive at night! Highlights include Osaka Castle, the “...


What to Do in Seoul on a 12 Hour Layover

With so much to see and do, 12 hours is much too short for a trip to Seoul. However, if you can only spare one day from your busy sche...


Crescent Moon Cafe and Pottery Studio

Tucked in the side streets of Antipolo City is a quaint little establishment called the Crescent Moon Café and Pottery Studio.  It is a...


Life at La Luz Beach Resort

“Mom!!! They forgot to put TV and ref!”  These are the first words of our seven-year-old daughter upon entering our home for one ...


Pagsanjan Falls: What Goes Down, Goes Back Up

My friends and I found ourselves impulsively wanting to go on an adventure and we chose Pagsanjan Falls since it was relatively near. I...


Itinerary: 6 Days in Bicol

This is a detailed itinerary for a 6 day tour of the Bicol region. Approximate budget for touring Bicol is at Php 6,500 per person. ...

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